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17 Jul

17 July 2015

'Spotlight on' Rebecca Freeman - Young Professionals Chair

Job: Associate at Lodders Solicitors

Age:  30

From: Stratford upon Avon

Rebecca took over as Chair of the Young Professionals following this year’s First Pro Awards in April. Here we get to know her a little better in our latest ‘Spotlight On’ interview.

Q: Which area of law do you work in and have you tried any others?

I’ve specialised in Commercial Property since I qualified in March 2012.  I experienced other ‘seats’ though as part of my 2 year training contract which included Private Client, Litigation and Agriculture.  I had a strong leaning towards property and spent a lot of my training in property-related seats but the rotation system trainee Solicitors have to go through is really valuable as a foundation as the areas feed in to one another a lot more than you may realise.

Q: How long did it take you to get a training contract after your LPC, and what advice would you give to anyone currently looking?

I got my training contract whilst on my LPC and was fortunate to have had an offer at another firm also. You just have to persevere and be patient, you will get a lot of knock backs, whether because firms aren’t recruiting or have cut back.  You have to try and stay positive and not let your confidence be knocked.  There is a lot of competition now, especially with the reduced number of training contracts available, so think about what you can do to stand out from the crowd – get experience as a paralegal, go to networking events when you have the opportunity and if it is what you really want to do then stick at it!

Q: What does your job involve day to day?

I do a fairly broad range of Commercial Property including landlord and tenant, acting for residential developers, landowners, investors. It includes dealing with a variety of clients, drafting and negotiating documents, site visits, researching, and liaising with a wide variety of people include other solicitors, agents, lenders.   It’s a busy time so is keeping me out of trouble!

Q: What inspired you to get involved with Young Professionals?

I heard of the group fairly soon after starting at Lodders and went along to an event to see what it was about.  Everyone was so friendly and encouraging so I kept going back!  It’s been a great way to build confidence in networking and to meet a variety of people.  Aside of trying to build contacts I have made some great friends too!

Q: Who do you look up to and why?

I’m going to stay with the Young Professionals theme and say the previous Chairs – I’ve been with the group during the reigns of Brian Coleman, Michelle Vincent, Gus Bhandal and Carl Malcolm and I have great respect and admiration for all they have achieved both for the group and personally.  I was already ambitious in my career but they inspired me to be involved with the Young Professionals, and also join the Committee, and as I’ve said the group helps you develop in a different way, to think outside the box and get away from your desk!  I only hope I can do the Chair role justice and achieve some of what they have for the group.

Q: Tell us something interesting or unusual about yourself.

I was very lucky to get married on the Swan Theatre stage at the RSC!

Q: Finally, what are your hobbies?

I love spending time in Stratford by the river and going to the theatre, travelling, whether to unwind on a beach or for a bit of city sightseeing, and also playing golf which I took up with some other Young Professionals and am now addicted.

So that’s what you need to know about Rebecca. If you’re a paralegal looking for a training contract then have a chat with Rebecca at one of our next events for some more tips and advice.

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