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07 Oct

07 October 2016

Spotlight on … Jeremy Hyde: Highly Commended, FirstPro Legal Professional 2016

A solicitor at Wright Hassall, Jeremy advised on acquisitions, disposals, investments, joint ventures, turnarounds and restructuring.

An ambitious young lawyer he qualified into the corporate finance team in 2015.

He was shocked when his name was read out!

I was really very surprised.  I sat there for a moment to gather my thoughts before realising I had to go up to the stage!

There were some extremely able people on the shortlist so I was just very pleased to be in their company; being recognized as Highly Commended was a real bonus!

There was obviously a bit of banter from colleagues when I won but there has also been a lot of congratulations.  It’s been a brilliant experience.

What brought you to this point?

I was a paralegal in London.  I was affected by the last recession and since my partner was from this area we decided to move here.  I wanted a role with a regional firm and had always wanted to work in corporate law.  I was lucky, a great opportunity came up with Wright Hassall.

Now I’m working on corporate deals and loving it.  I really enjoy the face-to-face contact with clients, the negotiation and the pace of the work.

Which achievements are you proudest of?

I recently completed my first Triathlon; I did it in aid of the Wright Hassall Charitable Trust.  I’d never done one before and I certainly had to push through the pain barrier!

When it comes to my work I was really proud of getting a training contract.  It’s incredibly competitive so I had to really shine.

I also got a real buzz when I completed my first deal.  It involved a local company being sold by its owners.  They were great to work with and the pressure exhilarating, particularly as we hurtled towards completion.  Balancing the interests of our clients within the challenges of the timescale was tough but rewarding.

Where do you go from here?

My main goal is to have my own business.  My Dad had his own business and I saw how much he loved it and the risks and rewards that come with it.

In the context of my profession that means I am definitely aiming for partnership.

What do you do to unwind?

I like sport and have played rugby for the Old Leamingtonians RFC.  Now I’m a regular at my local gym – it really helps me to relieve the tension.  And of course, a couple of beers with friends is always fun!