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23 Feb

23 February 2015

Spotlight on – Dan Smith: Insolvency Administrator from BRI

Role at Young Professionals: Joint Charities Officer

Age: 28

From: Coventry

Dan is our newest committee member and has been a great addition to the team so we decided to make him the subject of our first ‘Spotlight on’ interview.

Q: So what does your job involve?

BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency is a firm of independent insolvency practitioners committed to finding the right solutions for businesses and individuals in financial difficulties. I assist and advise a wide range of business owners and individuals on how to best navigate through their troubles, whether that be via a formal insolvency process or a more bespoke informal restructuring/ rearrangement of debt. I also assist in the controlled closure of solvent companies to enable shareholders to extract their investment in a tax-efficient manner.

Q: How did you get into insolvency?

Whilst studying for a degree in Accounting and Finance, I was exposed to a small amount of insolvency law and this piqued my interest in the subject. Between the second and third years of my degree, I spent a sandwich year working in the insolvency division of a Top 10 accountancy practice. I was responsible for assisting a manager in ensuring that long term referral arrangements were maintained and I was also able to experience the extremely varied day to day work of an insolvency practitioner first hand. When my studies were complete, I was invited back to the same firm to train an as insolvency administrator and, during my four and a half years with that firm, I successfully obtained my Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency. I then made the move to BRI.

Q: And what’s your next step?

My next big career goal is to complete the Joint Insolvency Examination Board exams. These exams are often referring to the licence exams for the reason that upon successful completion of these exams an individual can then go on to become a licensed insolvency practitioner. I could then accept formal appointments in my own name.

Q: What advice would you give to someone wanting to go into your profession?

I would have no hesitation in suggesting that anyone thinking of a career in my profession should go for it. The work is extremely varied and no two days are the same. We interact with the complete spectrum of professionals in the work that we do. There is a sense of satisfaction and of a ‘job well done’ when we can help to extract a business or individual from their financial difficulties and they can look forward to the future with the burden lifted.

Q: What inspired you to get involved with Young Professionals?

I‘m a big fan of the YP group as I think it’s extremely important that local professionals, whatever level they’re at within their respective firms, feel that they’re able to start and grow their own business relationships (which are essential for long term prosperity) with like-minded people, and that they have a forum to share their thoughts and ideas and develop career opportunities. I joined the committee to be more hands-on in this process and I am proud to be part of the positive work that the YP group does.

Q: Tell us something interesting or unusual about yourself.

Even though I’m sometimes a bit hesitant to admit to this, I’m quite a big fan of country music (not all of it I must add, some of it is terrible!). A recent trip to Nashville is evidence of my enjoyment of this type of music!

Q: There’s nothing wrong with a bit of country Dan! Finally, what are your hobbies?

I play golf fairly regularly (badly, most of the time) and I’ve been a member of Coventry Hearsall GC for several years. The trip to Nashville has reignited my interest in playing the guitar, which I started playing when I was 8 years old but have not played for many years until recently. I also enjoy meals out and discovering new restaurants.

So that’s Dan for you. Next time you see him at a YP event you’ll have plenty of conversation starters, and if you’d like any more advice on working in insolvency just send him an email at

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