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26 Aug

26 August 2015

One week to go until the YP Wolf Run for Myton Hospice

Next week sees four of the Young Professionals committee take on the treacherous Wolf Run. Rebecca Freeman, Carl Malcolm, Paige Howitt and Phil Ballard will all be participating in the 10k off-road run featuring a series of man-made and natural obstacles.

The run will be a physical and mental challenge, and our committee members will have to trek through freezing cold water, ditches and mud in order to make it to the finishing line.

Of course there’s a reason why they’ve signed up for it, and that’s to raise money for our nominated charity – Myton Hospice. If you’d like to sponsor them you can do it via Just Giving here.

I caught up with our very own wolf pack on Tuesday to see how they’re doing:

What have you been doing to train/ prepare?

Phil: Not as much as I should be!  Having done no distance running in the past, I’ve followed the NHS ‘couch to 5k’ app which has worked well.  I will be relying on adrenaline to get me through the other 5k!

Carl: I too have not done as much training as I had hoped. I have managed to sprain my ankle twice in the past two months playing football. 

How are you feeling about the run?

Phil: Excited but slightly nervous.

Paige: I’m looking forward to it, I think it will be a great day. At the end of the day, it’s the taking part that counts and we are doing it for charity. 

Which part of the run do you think will be the greatest challenge?

Paige: The lakes as I can’t swim!

Carl: Lakes….

What made you sign up?

Phil: To support a great cause.  I often have to remind myself why I said yes, but I have no regrets!

Carl: To challenge myself and to raise money for a good cause at the same time. Running is my least favourite sport and therefore I have never actually run a course this far. 

Lastly, can you just remind us why the Young Professionals have chosen Myton as their nominated charity?

Carl: The charity is well known in the area and do an amazing job. It’s comforting to know that there is an organisation like them that exists for people who need it.

Paige: Personally, I have witnessed the excellent care and support which they give, as my Grandad is a day patient at the Warwick branch. The team there are great.

The team would really appreciate your support to raise money for this fantastic local cause so if you feel you or your company could spare a few pennies please sponsor them here.

Lastly, if you’d like to take part in something yourself, then myself and many of the young professionals members and committee are also taking part in the cowboy themed Myton Moonlight Walk on 12 September as our summer social. Please contact Paige Howitt for more information.

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