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25 Aug

25 August 2015

Mentor "helped me understand my strengths"

Paige Howitt, Senior Accountant at SFB Group talked to us about the benefits of participation in Coventry & Warwickshire First’s mentoring programme.

She has very clear ambitions and sees the mentoring programme as a facilitator of her career. “I know I want to be a manager but I wasn’t sure of the right approach. For me the mentoring programme was the perfect opportunity to talk to someone who has already achieved, and in doing so build my self-confidence.

“The relationship with the mentor is informal so it’s easier to talk openly than it would be with a colleague or my manager. As a result he has given me some great feedback and helped me understand my strengths and areas for improvement. He’s also shared some of his early experiences. This, in particular, has really built my confidence as I can see everyone has to work hard and work around challenges to achieve their career goals.

“Working with my mentor is proving incredibly valuable; I’d definitely recommend it.”