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24 Aug

24 August 2015

"Being a mentor has given me a new perspective"

Susan Hopcraft, Partner at Wright Hassall explained the value she sees in being a mentor for Coventry & Warwickshire First’s mentoring programme.

“I set out on my career knowing relatively little about career advancement and the softer skills required to make headway and I don’t think this should be the situation for anyone.  I had to work it all out for myself but with hindsight would have loved to have had wise words and encouragement early on.

“I also suspect that women more than men need this type of support; men seem to have more role models in senior positions so women who are prepared to be mentors have an important role to fill.

“Being a mentor has given me a new perspective.  It has helped me understand how tough it is to qualify as an accountant; they must love numbers as much as I love words!

“Being a mentor has been really worthwhile.  As well as giving me an insight into another professional’s working life, I hope I’m giving something valuable back to a young person beginning a career as a professional.”