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22 Oct

22 October 2015

"A really good mentor can provide an excellent sounding board"

Explaining why she became a mentor in the spring this year, Debbie Harper, Area Director of HSBC Bank plc, talked of the way in which she had benefitted from mentoring relationships in her own career.

“I have been a mentee and still am! A really good mentor can provide an excellent sounding board. Benefitting from this myself I think it’s important to offer the same support to others.

“I’m currently a mentor within my own organisation and grabbed the opportunity to support others when Coventry & Warwickshire First launched the scheme.

“My mentee and I have met regularly and I hope I’ve been able to add some value. I think she appreciates talking to someone outside her organisation who has a different perspective.

“The mentoring relationship has also helped me. It’s made me think critically about my skills as a leader. To anyone thinking of becoming a mentor I would say it’s definitely worth making the commitment!”